Biomechanics: Where the laws of mechanics are applied to human movement in order to gain a greater understanding of performance and to reduce injuries as well. It is important to understand the muscular, joint and skeletal actions of the body during the execution of a given task, skill and/or technique. Proper understanding of biomechanics has the greatest implications on: performance, task/skill mastery, rehabilitation and injury prevention.

We are a full-service wellness center staffed with physical therapists, massage therapists, athletic/fitness trainers, acupuncturists, nutritionists and dieticians. Please see our Staff page for more information.

We believe that with our full process, every one of clients will work with each of our staff, become educated in many aspects and then develop a game plan to meet their goals.  This allows each client to get to where they want to be health-wise and maintain all aspects of their lives to their maximum potential.  

Our therapists have successfully worked with all types of injuries and we work on patients of any age. We have specialized programs to meet almost any need.  One can utilize just one of our services or integrate a combination of multiple services to influence multiple facets of their life. Please see our Services page for more information.

Most of our clients develop a relationship with us where it is important that we get together regularly.  Therefore, we are proud to offer packages.  Develop your wellness plan with each of your specialists.  Click here to see more information about our packages.

We'll help heal, improve and maintain your body.