Pricing & What you Can Expect:

   Combining Holistic Nutrition with Personal Training 

  • Change your life both inside and out, with realistic goals 

  • ​Truly understand what Holistic Nutrition is and how to best implement it into your life

  • Not everyone's body or goals are the same, so each individual should have a unique nutrition menu
  • Set a realistic workout routine to meet your goals, fit your schedule and implement for the long term, not a quick fix
  • Balance a personalized diet with personalized training to maximize results 
  • Personal use and convenience at your home or office
  • Seminars or lectures for the entire company or groups
  • Fundraisers and events (FREE for non-profit organizations)

Initial consultation: $175.00: 

The initial consultation includes TWO SEPARATE SESSIONS that will cover nutrition and a customized personal training regimen.  The first session will involve an in depth discussion regarding your health history and fitness goals.  Upon the second visit we will provide a fully referenced evidenced based natural health guide fully tailored to you to cover your nutrition plan and fitness goals.  This natural health guide may include dietary advice, lifestyle changes, personal workout plan, supplements and botanicals.  Then the second session is a review of all this and coming up with a game plan to implement.  

Follow-up consultation: $95.00: 

After we provide you with your natural health guide and customized personal training program, follow ups are provided to keep your recommendations updated in order to best support you. 

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  • (2) Follow-up Consultations: $180.00   *Save $10.00!*​
  • (4) Follow-up Consultations: $350.00   *Save $30.00!*

Wellness that comes to you!


Corporate Nutrition & Personal Training Services Available