Your Referrals Count!

Congratulations to ALEX B. for winning the Referral Contest.  Please enjoy dinner for two at the Sarasota Melting Pot!  

$120.00 Value!

Referrals are as easy as:

2-4-6-8 who do we appreciate?  YOU!!!

  • 2 referrals = a FREE upgrade!  (30-minute to 60-minute or 60-minute to 90-minute or 90-minute to 120-minute) *

  • 4 referrals = a FREE 60-minute session! *

  • 6 referrals = a FREE 90-minute session! *

NO limit to the FREE upgrades or sessions that you can receive, so don't keep us a secret!

   Referral is defined as an individual who has never received a service at Biomechanics Wellness Center and has completed his/her session.
   Each referral category is mutually exclusive of the others.
   * Does not include physical therapy sessions.