Angela Morgan, Clinical Aesthetician - FB9741949

Angela M. Morgan is proud to share her compassion and skin care knowledge with the clients of Biomechanics Wellness Center.  She received her aesthetics education at Zenzi’s School of Beauty in San Francisco, CA and she is licensed to practice medical aesthetics in Florida and California.

With over ten years experience in med spas, dermatology and plastic surgery, Angela confidently works with each individual assuring their personal goals are met.  She is a firm believer in educating her patients, and continuing her own education to ensure they are receiving the best, most current care. To this end, Angela regularly attends trainings and seminars on laser and light technology, skin conditions, product information and advanced modalities. 

Her goal is to assist individuals in achieving their idea of beautiful!

Some areas Angela specializes in include: Peels, Microdermabrasion, Dermaplaning, Facials, Facial Waxing and doTERRA Facials

Angela is available Saturday and Sunday 9am-9pm

Ashley Dobson, Clinical Skin Care Specialist  - FB9758610

Ashley Dobson is a clinical skin care specialist, she has knowledge and experience in managing age related skin conditions through the use of "facials and light therapy techniques".  Ashley specializes in the treatment of skin issues caused by acne (i.e. scarring, redness, swelling, dry flaky skin).  She has a strong passion for helping others with skin care issues to improve their self confidence.  Ashley was a former college softball player at Florida Gulf Coast University, where she majored in Resort Hotel and Spa Management, she has a had multiple appearances on ESPN, and has been recognized National player of the week.

As a former division one collegiate athlete, Ashley knows all too well how a busy lifestyle can negatively impact the overall wellness of your skin. That is why she has committed herself to helping her clients establish personalized healthy skin routines that fit a busy day's schedule. Ashley's motto throughout her athletic career was, “Look good, play good”. Ashley will help you achieve your personal skin care goals helping you to be the best you you can be   

Not only is Ashley a clinical skin care specialist, she is also certified in paramedical makeup, also known as Medical Micropigmentation. This is camouflaging skin disorders, discolorations and injuries caused from medical surgeries or accidental injuries as well as aging. 

Some areas Ashley specializes in include: Acne treatments, Facials, Chemical Peels, High Frequency, Waxing, Microdermabrasion and Tinting

Ashley is available Thursday and Sunday 9am-9pm

Jane Stirlen, Aesthetician

After many years of travel, Jane Stirlen gave up her wings to stay grounded and become a Licensed Aesthetician.  That was 10 years ago and the passion hasn't stopped.

Jane has taken advanced aesthetic classes over the years and is certified in the Belavina Facelift Massage Facial, which involves lots of massaging to move the toxins and of course, slow down the aging process.  Her specialty is anti-aging and acne facials, she loves doing extractions.

On her time away from aesthetics she loves to volunteer at food banks, with abused women and animal rescue.
After moving to Sarasota about one and half years ago she feels like she is living the DREAM.  She would love to help you with your skincare concerns and goals.

Some areas Jane specializes in include: Anti-Aging and Acne Facials, Extractions and Peels

Jane is available Monday 1-5pm, Tuesday 9am-2pm, Friday 1-5pm and by appointment

Cathy Armstrong, Master Aesthetics Instructor

Cathy is a Master Aesthetician and Master Aesthetics Instructor with 12 years of training and experience in the medical field.  She also acts as a consultant and trainer for Medical Spas and Aesthetics schools to  help enhance their service, performance and programming. In addition, she offers CEU classes for license renewal to Aestheticians working in the field.

Cathy combines her love of working and teaching about the industry, by working as an Aesthetician in the field and teaching advanced aesthetic classes.

Originally from North Carolina, she recently relocated to the Sarasota area to implement an Advanced Aesthetics Program at a local college.

Her vision for her clients is offer classes to take their business to levels they have never had before.  This is a unique opportunity to not only refine one's current skills, but to learn other services and techniques.

Classes:  Dermaplaning, Advanced Chemical Peels, Collegen Induction Therapy and Microneedling

Dates/Times: TBA